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WaterWall is a very intuitive and powerful desktop manager. You can watch the slideshow of your personal favourite images on your desktop while working. The internal calendar notifies you, whenever a birthday or other important term waits for you. Of course all dates can be displayed on the desktop calendar, half transparent over your wallpaper image. We offer a download service for fresh images every day, WaterWall makes it easy to download them.

Version 5.01
  • drag&drop support
  • colored or transparent icon names
  • very enhanced calendar - more modes and layout settings
  • better shuffle logic
  • smarter image download service
  • faster graphics and quick desktop refresh
  • automatic Windows shutdown timer
  • many small enhancements and bugfixes
Version 5.00
  • desktop calendar and term alarm
  • image download service
  • more intuitive user interface
  • hotkey to change wallpaper or start screensaver
  • image title display
  • multicolor gradients
  • 2 predefined sound files
  • better uninstaller
  • slideshow
  • desktop calendar
  • birthday reminder
  • bmp, jpg & gif images
  • gradient backgrounds
  • gamma correction
  • sound association for images and terms
  • multiple user files
  • online help
  • and more...
intuitive tray icon

screenshot Use the WaterWall tray icon to jump to the next image of your list, start your screensaver, hide your desktop icons, or open the setup window...

You can configure the popup menu and the leftclick action. And you can assign a hotkey to this action. So the option you want is really only one click away!

The tray icon shows the status of the slideshow and starts blinking if one of the user-defined terms is reached.

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